Year-Round RV Park Living: Is It for You?

Year-Round RV Living
Living year round in an RV park can be a great experience.

Living in an RV full time isn’t for everyone, but it certainly has a number of distinct advantages. The keys are selecting the right RV and the right place to park it. Do your homework before making a final decision on either count.

First, make sure the RV you select is the right type and size for full-time living. Second, and just as important, visit several RV parks and then select the one that’s best suited for you and your lifestyle. Here are some tips for making a good decision:

  • Sites: Does each site have a concrete slab for the RV? Another slab for a picnic table or lawn furniture? Are the roads paved? Is there adequate parking for residents and guests? Are there some trees for shade? Are the grounds well maintained?
  • Utilities: Are water and electric provided? Is there adequate water pressure? How old is the septic system? Are satellite or cable TV available? Are high-speed wireless (WiFi) and wired (DSL) connections to the Internet available? How strong is the cell phone signal?
  • Security: Is the park completely fenced? Is there an electronic access gate through which only residents and guests can pass? Are there enough security lights at night? Is the park monitored by multiple video surveillance cameras?
  • Amenities: Are laundry facilities available onsite? Restrooms? A fitness center? A walking and/or biking trail? Does the park offer a gathering place for residents and guests and sponsor regular social activities? Is there a fishing pond onsite or a lake nearby? How is the mail delivered?
  • Pets: Are pets allowed? Is there a fenced park where you can play with or exercise your dog off the leash?
  • Location: How far is the park from shopping, restaurants, entertainment, healthcare facilities, etc.?
  • Rules: Are there sensible rules, such as quiet hours, speed limits, etc.?

If you plan well and make smart decisions, living full time in an RV park generally saves you money, gives you more free time, is less stressful, and can be more pleasant than living in a house or an apartment. Millions of people live this way all across the nation, and you can, too!

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