RVing and Babies? Absolutely!

RV TripTraveling on the road in an RV can be liberating. You don’t have to pay for a hotel room, nor do you have to pack and unpack your bags. You can occasionally fix meals in the RV, saving money, and in some cases, eating healthier.

So the last thing one would think to do is bring a newborn or toddler, right?

Well… surprisingly, it may work out easier than one would think. After all, how many times has a parent strapped an inconsolable child to a car seat and taken them on a ride to calm them down? There’s something about the low hum of the road that relaxes many newborns. It may even put the child to sleep. Another advantage of an RV is that it’s easy to pop the child in a stroller and take him or her on a little walk for a change of scenery.

I spoke to Kurt Rathmann recently. Kurt is a friend and very successful serial entrepreneur, who has been on two RV trips with his spouse and little one.

“It’s great,” Kurt told me. “On the first trip, he was more of a newborn. The second time, to Florida, he was more of a toddler. What I found is that we all got on the same schedule because we were in such proximity. When he was asleep, we were asleep. When he was awake, we were awake. It was an amazing experience, one that I would heartily recommend. I know that we are planning new trips with him.”

Experiences like that of Kurt’s remind us all that RVing isn’t just for retirees any more. It’s for everyone.

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