What Are the Best Live Music Venues in East Texas?

Music Venues in East Texas
East Texas boasts some of the very best live music venues in the state.

According to the Longview News-Journal, “Texas undoubtedly has one of the more interesting music scenes in the country. Traditional country has really manifested itself into a new sub-genre called ‘Texas Country,’ which has been East Texas’ bread and butter since Country Hall of Fame legend Tex Ritter belted out ‘I’m Wastin’ My Tears on You’ in 1944.”

“The history of music in East Texas stretches farther back in time to a period when the Native American tribes of the Caddo people roamed East Texas, singing their songs accompanied by drums, rattles, bells, notched sticks, and other percussion instruments of the time.” The Caddo people most likely shared their live music with each other whenever and wherever they gathered together.

Today, the sharing of live music typically takes place in specially design venues, and East Texas boasts some of the very best venues in the state. From small, cozy bars and intimate lounges to large concert halls and open-air amphitheaters, we have something for just about everyone! The music genres vary widely as well, including country, pop, rock-n-roll, blues, soul, folk, jazz, classical, gospel, musical theater, and more.

Here are some of the more popular live music venues across East Texas:

No matter what your taste in music, you’re sure to find something you like!

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