There’s a New Kind of “Summer” in East Texas

Summer Franklin
Summer Franklin is an up-and-coming new country artist from East Texas.

East Texas was as hot as usual this summer, but what’s even hotter is a young new country singer/songwriter named Summer Franklin. Born in Mineola, Summer now lives in Celina, where she’s pursuing a career in music at the ripe old age of 15!

Over the past few years, Summer has made several trips to Nashville in pursuit of her dream of becoming a country music artist. It was there that she recorded her upcoming EP at Beaird Music Group, considered by many to be one of the top recording studios in Music City! This video is just one great example of Summer’s vocal and guitar playing talents.

When Summer isn’t singing, writing new songs, or honing her guitar skills, she can be found taking part in several sports, including volleyball, basketball, and track. She also has volunteered for her church’s IServ program, which assigns members to help those in need with repairs to their homes and yard work. Summer also loves to travel, with past destinations including Florida, Maine, Cancun, and Dominican Republic.

Who knows… maybe we’ll be able to convince Summer to play for us live at one of the upcoming events at Roadrunner Acres! Stay “tuned” for more!

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