Mineola Museum Pays Homage to Community

Mineola Historical Museum
The Mineola Historical Museum encapsulates the community’s history in more than 30 interesting exhibits.

One of the most frequently visited historical sites in East Texas, the Mineola Historical Museum boasts a proud and interesting heritage. Currently housed in the original Mineola Post Office building, which was built in the mid-1930s, the museum encapsulates the community’s history in more than 30 interesting exhibits.

The building illustrates a handsome example of the Depression-era postal facilities designed and built during the period. It reflects the “Streamline Moderne” style of architectural design, popular in its time for its symmetry and simplicity. Sometimes termed “Art Moderne,” this type of architecure is a later version of the Art Deco architecture and design that emerged in the 1930s. Its style emphasized curving forms, long horizontal lines, and sometimes nautical elements.

According to the Texas Historical Commission, the post office was once also home to one of many Works Progress Administration murals commissioned during Roosevelt’s New Deal program. Titled “The Horse and Buggy Give Way to Modern Methods of Mail Transportation,” the mural depicted the transition of mail carriers from horse to train to plane and was painted by California artist Bernard Zakheim. Unfortunately, the mural did not survive a 1972 renovation of the post office. The building was in use by the U.S. Postal Service until 1998, and today, its new stewards, the Mineola Historical Museum and the City of Mineola, have replicated the mural as part of the museum’s many exhibits.

The Mineola Historical Museum is located one block north of the downtown district at 114 North Pacific Street in Mineola. It is open to the public every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Admission is free.

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