Is It Truly Affordable to Live in an RV?

Fifth Wheel RV
Many people have figured out that living in an RV can be a very inexpensive—and enjoyable—option.

Is it truly affordable to live in an RV? The short answer is… absolutely!

If you’re like most people who live in their RV full time, you’ve probably sold your home, canceled your household utilities, stored most of your extraneous belongings, and sold your second car and maybe even your boat. In many cases, that leaves you with a nice fat balance in your bank account! But you don’t want to blow those funds that you’ve worked so hard to earn, right? That’s why so many people have figured out that living in an RV can be a very inexpensive—and enjoyable—option.

The first step is to find the right RV to fit your lifestyle. Whether you go with a brand new, state-of-the-art motorhome or find a great deal on a gently used fifth wheel, you’re ready to begin your new life. Either way, be sure to inspect your RV carefully before sealing the deal to make sure everything works as it should.

Now you’re ready to find the right place to call home. This is an important decision, so take your time. Pick a state that has no income taxes, like Texas, Nevada, Florida, and a few others. Tour several parks in your chosen area and compare amenities. Do they offer clean restrooms and a laundry room with newer washers and dryers? Do they have exercise equipment? Is high-speed WiFi included in the monthly rental fee? How close are they located to shopping, dining, and entertainment?

After you’ve chosen an RV park, figure out how you can keep your expenses low. Eat out less often by cooking more meals at home in your new kitchen. Spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air, an open fire, walking your dog, and watching sunsets. Reduce your clothing costs by dressing casually at all times. Use the WiFi at your park to make free calls using the “WiFi calling” feature on your smartphone.

RV living is definitely an affordable way to go. And it can certainly be enjoyable as well!

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